Highly Reliable Service

SEMAN PERÚ SAC is an aeronautical maintenance organization, through 85 years managed to establish to national and international level thanks to its high technological level as well the effort and professionalism of its highly qualified personnel along these years. This effort and professionalism allow SEMAN PERU SAC to obtain certifications to carry out aeronautical maintenance granted by several Aeronautical Authorities as follows: DGAC PERU, EE.UU FAA, DGAC CHILE, DINACIA URUGUAY, AFAC MEXICO, EASA EUROPE, CAA UNITED KINGDOM , ANAC BRAZIL, as well as AS-9100 D Thanks to these certifications, SEMAN gives maintenance to different aircrafts as well as main components not only from local market, but abroad, having at present capabilities to carry out inspection and maintenance of the following:

Airframe: All Series DC-10, Series 100 and 200  Boeing 727, Series 100  to 500 Boeing 737, Series 600 to 900 Boeing 737 NG, Series 200 to 400 Boeing 767, and All Series L-382

Aircrafts Engines: Pratt & Whitney JT8D and JT9D, Rolls Royce Allison 501-D22A, Rolls Royce RB211, General Electric CF6-5/50, CF6-80 and CFM-56-2/3, and CFM-56-7B-26

Radio: ATC Transponder Collins, Bendix and Wilcox with different part number.

Instruments: Pneumatics in general, Magnetic Compass, Speedometers as well as DFDR equipment from different types.


  • Batteries from several manufacturers
  • Landing gears overhaul – Series 100 to 500 Boeing 737, Series 600 to 900 Boeing 737 NG, All Series Boeing 757, Al, Series Boeing 767, Boeing 777 One Component , and Al Series DC-10,

Specialized Services:

  • Composite Material (inspection and repair)
  • Non-destructive tests – Liquid Penetrant , Magnetic Particles, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and Radiographic testing
  • Weight and Balance for different aircrafts
  • Electro galvanic processes

Aeronautical Certifications granted by Aeronautical Authorities means a great important attainment as it represents our highly qualified personnel using appropriate technical documentation, tooling and equipment, and facilities for carrying on maintenance according SEMAN PERU SAC Capability Listing and Operational Specifications.

  • Peru
  • U.S.A
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • DIGAMC – Argentina
  • European Union
  • United Kingdom