Antarqui Program

The Antarqui Program consists of the production under the modality of total assembling of the Canadian origin aircraft CH2000, which represents an achievement achieved by SEMAN, contributing in great magnitude to the development of the aeronautical industry of Peru. We count with professional and aeronautical personnel duly qualified and certified by the manufacturing company, as well as, with the facilities and equipment necessary for that purpose.

The CH2000 aircraft has the Certificate N° TA5CH of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as, the Certificate N°. A-185 of Transport Canada and certification validation in more than 20 authorities of other countries, including the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Spain and The General Administration of China.

El SEMAN-PERÚ por medio del programa Antarqui, cumple con los objetivos de investigación, desarrollo e innovación (I+D+I), en beneficio de la Industria Aeronáutica Nacional.

One of its competitive advantages is its low cost of operation and its low fuel consumption of 5.5 gl / h, being an aerial platform for air, maritime, road and internal order patrol, and plague control missions, installing special equipment such as FLIR camera, photographic equipment and even data transmission in real time.

The SEMAN-PERU through the Antarqui program, meets the objectives of research, development and innovation (R + D + I), for the benefit of the National Aeronautics Industry.


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