Aeronaves Maintenance


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Aeronaves Maintenance

The Maintenance Service of Peru SAC (SEMAN PERÚ SAC), is a company attached to the defense sector, which has authorizations and certifications granted by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Peru (DGAC) and the aeronautical authorities of Europe and Latin America (EASA Y FAA)

Its purpose is to “Develop the aeronautical industry in the country, with the aim of becoming a leading maintenance and repair center for aircraft, engines and commercial aeronautical systems in the region and promote the social, cultural, professional and technical development of its workers

Currently, the Maintenance Service of Peru – SEMAN PERÚ SAC, has the capabilities to provide, among others, major maintenance of ships of the type 737-200/-500 and 767-200/400 and C-130/L-100- 20 with the certifications of the DGAC – OMA N° 018 (Peru), FAA – SPUY N° 238K (USA), EASA – 145.0764 (European Union), DGAC – OMA N° E-006 (Bolivia), DINACIA – ANMR N 248E (Uruguay) and AS9100:D (USA-Intertek).

The Aircraft Maintenance Management carries out its work within the aeronautical business line:

  • Inspections and aeronautical maintenance
  • Aeronautical Repairs and Modifications

In accordance with the following services and/or capacities approved by the corresponding aeronautical authority

See Capabilities SEMAN PERÚ SAC --------> Descargar Pdf