Maintenance and Accessories Overhaul


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Maintenance and Accessories Overhaul

The SEMAN, being a maintenance organization recognized nationally and internationally, expands its maintenance capabilities by implementing accessory workshops in which it performs the inspection, testing, maintenance, repair and overhaul of hydraulic components, fuel, dynamics, propellers, shovels and Ventaneria of aircraft which demand great professionalism, counting for that purpose with the authorizations that of the DGAC. Next, we present the accessories workshops that the SEMAN-PANAM has.


The workshop has the capacity to perform Overhaul, Inspection, disarming and testing of servos and hydraulic pumps of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. It has a bank that has the ability to test and regulate the hydraulic components, has a dual system A and B that simulates the working pressure of the helicopter. Performs functional test of the servo main and simple actuators, cut valves and hydraulic pumps, whose working pressure is 0-5000 PSI, using a pressure of 2250 PSI to rule out leaks, and hydraulic motor for testing the different hydraulic accessories : Pumps, Actuators, Valves, Dampers, Servos, Flight control, Landing gear, PCU.


This workshop has the capacity to perform overhaul, inspection, disassembling, assembling and testing of the fuel injectors applicable to helicopters and aircraft PT-6 turbines, fuel injectors applicable to turbines T-53, T-56, JT3D, J-85, Fuel Controls and Governors applicable to the helicopters BELL 412, BELL 212, and all the fuel controls applicable to turbines PT-6, J85.

Overhaul, repair, general maintenance and testing of the different accessories applicable to the opposed motors such as the servo injectors pumps, distributor, injectors, manifold and fuel cells applicable to the helicopters BELL 212, 412, HUEY II, UH1H, aircraft C-130 and A-37. This workshop has different types of benches to perform tests of different capabilities, such as:


This bench is able to test and regulate flow-driven benches with capacity of up to 10,000 PPH and 30 horsepower for the repair of different controls, governors, pumps, and fuel regulators. It simulates all conditions as if they were with the engine running. Simulates (RPM, Throttle Angle, Air P3, Flow of the main pump to the control, the counter pressures applied by the injectors to the control).


This bench has the capacity to test up to 1000 psi of the primary and secondary system of the different injectors applicable to the power plants. Functional tests can be performed to accurately determine Flow angle, Fuel Nozzles Spraying, Overhaul and servicing of the entire line of injectors PT6, GARRET, T53, and J85.

SERVOINJECTOR TEST BENCH This bench provides us with a fuel flow, to adjust carburetor float levels, automatic mix control calibration, fuel consumption test measurements, carburetors calibration and fuel injection system used by light and heavy aircraft. Overhaul tests can be performed on fuel pumps, Bendix pressure carburetors, Continental fuel injection system, Bendix Continental Altitude Compensation, pump-driven blade-type engine, additionally verification and adjustment of float levels at all types of carburetors. Performs the following Tasks and Operations: (Servo injectors, Injectors, Fuel Controls, Carburetors, Honeywell – Woodward – HR Textron – Parker)

  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Functional Tests
  • Operational Tests
  • Overhaul


This workshop has the capacity to perform Overhaul, Inspection, Disassembling, Assembling of Dynamic Components such as Transmissions, Main Rotor Hub, Tail Rotor Hub, 42 and 90 degrees Boxes among others.

TRANSMISSION SUPPORT BENCH This bench is able to perform overhaul level works in BELL 212/412 helicopter transmissions. Performs the following Tasks and Operations: (Transmissions, Main Rotor Hub, Main Input Quill, Tail Rotor Drive Quill, Quill Assy Accessory and Tail, Rotor drive, Hydraulic pump Drive Quill, Generator, Offset Accessory Drive Quill, No. 1 Hydraulic Pump and Tachometer, Single Boost, Hydraulic Drive Quill, Rotor Brake Drive Quill, Bell Helicopter)

COMPOSITE MATERIALS COMPONENTS WORKSHOP (WINDOWS AND BLADES) In our advanced composite structure workshop, we offer repairs of Kevlar, Honeycomb, Carbon and Fiberglass components.

  • Inner & Outer Glass Polishing
  • Aircraft Taxi/ Light and wing tip Repair / Overhaul
  • #2 Sliding window frames Overhaul
  • Minor chip & cracks /Repair
  • Seal Repair & Replacement

BELL 412/212 BLADES OVERHAUL To carry out the inspection and repair of the window components, SEMAN is subscribed to the technical publications of the BOEING aircraft manufacturer. To perform the blades overhaul, we are subscribed to the technical publications of the BELL HELICOPTER TEXTRON helicopter manufacturer. Parts catalog.Overhaul manual.Manufacturer Standard Practices ManualSpecial Tools Manual


This workshop has the capacity to perform Overhaul, Inspection, disassembling, assembling and balancing of the different propellers applicable to fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

This workshop has the tools and benches required to carry out the tests and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s standards.

To carry out the inspection, repair and overhaul of the McCauley propellers, we are subscribed to the technical publications of the McCAULEY propeller manufacturer.

Parts catalogOverhaul manualManufactures’ Standard Practices ManualSpecial Tools Manual Perform the following tasks and operations for the following models (Fixed pitch, C200, C300, C400 and C500 series) InspectionRepairOverhaul