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Specialized services


SEMAN, being a Maintenance Organization recognized nationally and internationally, expands its maintenance capabilities by implementing specialized workshops such as the Composite Material Workshop, where is carried out the repair/ alteration of mobile surfaces whose composition is made of composite materials. Also perform bonding of aircraft structures in accordance with the national and international Regulations parts 43.145 and 14, CFR parts 121, 135, 121,379 and 135,437. SEMAN as a Maintenance Organization works along with the aircraft manufacturer, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the Federal Aviation Administration in order to determine which documentation used in the repair or alteration is correct since much of the information required is found in the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Manual or in the Structural Repair Manual.

SEMAN has the Advisory Circular AC 43-214 in force “Repair stations for composite materials structures”


SEMAN has a Non-Destructive Testing workshop capable of inspecting aeronautical parts and components, including the main structural elements. Our repair station has qualified and certified personnel according with the international standard practices recommended SNT-TC-1A, NAS 410 and EN 4179.


  • Dye Penetrating Liquids Inspection Method (Type I and Type II, methods A, C and D)
  • Magnetic Particles Inspection Method (Stationary, HWDC, FWDC and portable)
  • Eddy Current Inspection Method (HFEC, MFEC and LFEC)
  • Ultrasound Inspection Method, (Longitudinal, transverse and surface wave, thickness measurement, delaminations detection and Phase Array)
  • X-ray inspection method


The service provided includes:

  • Chemical control of galvanic bath analysis
  • Monitoring of chemical processes to ensure quality and consistency
  • Materials and coatings metallurgical micro structure analysis
  • Mechanical parts failure analysis



The chemical laboratory has cutting edge equipment and trained personnel to perform all kinds of tests in order to determine quality, elements identification and chemical compounds; according to ASTM, GLP and ISO standards.

The services provided include:

  • Oils and hydraulic fluids analysis (synthetic and mineral)
  • Greases and fuels analysis
  • Electrolytic and anticorrosive solutions preparations
  • Water analysis: Human consumption and residual (cyanide)

Chemical laboratory services include:

  • Fuel spectrometric analysis
  • Fuel physical chemical analysis
  • Hyd-Skydrol Met NAS Fluid analysis
  • Hydraulic fluid particles counting
  • Water Chemical analysis
  • Batteries solution preparation


SEMAN offers the best service and experience in precision machining for the aeronautical industry. We have a factory equipped with the most advanced machines to perform machining with chip removal. The CNC Workshop is equipped with 3, 4 and 5-axis Machining Centers, 2-axis CNC Lathe and 3-axis CNC Router, in order to comply with a wide variety of works. During the manufacturing process there are quality controls, with the sole purpose of obtaining a good final product and full customer satisfaction.

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of the service, reasonable prices, products quality and a customized service.

Among others we offer the following:

  • Reverse Engineering Service
  • We make CAD Designs, using AutoCAD, Inventor and Solid work software.
  • We perform service, projects and metalworking products.
  • Machined CNC, using CAM Software (Hyper mill, Master cam and Type Edit), the machines are controlled by Computerized Numerical Controls.
  • Machining of CNC lathe parts: couplings, horns, bushings, connectors, shafts, studs and special bolts
  • Manufacturing in CNC Machining Centers: aircraft parts (fittings, tracks, sparks etc), industrial, agricultural and mining sectors.
  • 2D cutting and engraving service in CNC Router
  • Machining service in all class of industrial pieces previous study of feasibility and in diverse types of materials such as: iron, steel, aluminum and others