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SEMAN PERÚ SAC is one of the leading maintenance companies in Latin America with extensive experience in aeronautical maintenance.

SEMAN PERÚ SAC is a repair station that offers its clients highly reliable, efficient and safe work in our modern facilities, well-equipped workshops and qualified and certified personnel under a philosophy of continuous improvement to meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to aircraft maintenance, we also offer specialized services in Non-Destructive Testing, structural component manufacturing, repairs, alterations, painting, and repairs of advanced composite materials.

These are some of the reasons why we are a more reliable and economical alternative in the aeronautical market.




Our trajectory and recognition guarantee us

Peruvian Air Force Maintenance Service, is considered as the highest level organization in maintenance and repair of air material: as a consequence plays the most important role in logistics technical support inside FAP (PERUVIAN AIR FORCE) constitution: and, recognized as the first major repair center of military and civil aircrafts of this country and of the world. The track record and the prestigious award of this Great Logistics Unit, dates since 1930s, when the vertiginous aeronautic evolution in the world after The First World War and the birth of Military Aviation in Peru, determine the necessity to introduce new and appropriate inspection procedures, maintenance and aircrafts repair, engines and systems as technology support essential of Air Force. Under this context, June 13Th 1933, Aviation Central Workshop is created in Real Felipe headquarters.


PROJECT KT1-P Peru and South Korea Government signed an agreement to produce together 20 elementary training aircrafts, model KT1-P, in addition to Peruvian personnel training responsible of maintenance.


The ANTARQUI project allows assembling and manufacturing of elementary training aircrafts, project sponsored by the Private University Alas Peruanas, this let the impulse in aeronautical engineering to Servicio de Mantenimiento personnel.


This year it obtained the certification for Maintenance and Repair Boeing 737/200/300 aircrafts and Overhaul landing gears of Boeing 737-767 by F.A.A


SEMAN, obtains Repair Station Certification from AGENCIA NACIONAL DE AVIACION CIVIL Brasil, to repair and give maintenance to the aircrafts and components B- 737/200, B-767 /200/300/400 and landing gear. Created Kuntur project, elementary training aircraft prototype, manufactured totally in Servicio de Mantenimiento workshops of La Fuerza Aerea del Peru (SEMAN).


SEMAN obtains certification as member AMERICAN REPAIR STATION ASSOCIATION. Carrying out Major Inspection of an aircraft MIG.29, keeping operative the fight aircrafts fleet, T-41, Tucano, T-27 and Zlin-42L aircrafts recovery process began.



SEMAN obtains the Certification as Repair Station from L.A.R (LATINO AMERICAN REGULATIONS) regarding the advanced training aircrafts SEMAN has offered logistics technical support to the aircrafts Macchi MB-339-Afron Aerial Group N° 4.


This year SEMAN obtained the Certification as Aircrafts Repair Station and components by EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY (EASA), authorizing SEMAN to repair and give maintenance to European aircrafts.


A program was started to recover structurally the aircraft PILATUS PORTER


SEMAN, obtained The FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION Certification of United States of North America, (F.A.A USA) as FAA Repair Station which authorizes SEMAN to repair aircrafts L-382, B 727/737 USA register. Aeronautical Industries of Peru developed a light aircraft “CHUSPI”.


This year was launched the Aircraft Department program, which carries out maintenance to the commercial aircrafts and got the first Certification from LOCKHED Co. to repair aircrafts L-382.


This year enters to the supersonic era carrying out the Aircrafts Maintenance Mirage M- 5, then the T-33, T-37, C-47 and SUKOY, SU -22 aircrafts inspections will come.


The aeronautical activities growth in the country originated the change of Aeronautical Center Arsenal name, for the new one “Servicio de Mantenimiento de la Fuerza Aerea del Peru, in order to provide support to the FAP aircrafts fleet.


This year was organized “The Aeronautical Center Arsenal” with machinery and equipment acquired from the Italian enterprise CAPRONI, hiring Italian technicians more competent, who close to Peruvian technician adjusts to the north American Technology.


Inside La Base Area las Palmas installed a subsidiary of aircrafts Factory CAPRONI FROM MILAN (ITALY) assembling Peru aircraft Body, the fight aircrafts CAPRONICA-135 AND CA-310 “LIBECIO”


In June 13th 1933, The Aviation Center Workshop is created in Real Felipe headquarters, where the first maintenance workshops operate to repair Peruvian Air Force body aircrafts.


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El Servicio de Mantenimiento (SEMAN), is a Maintenance Organization of Peruvian Air Force, Approved (OMA) N° 180) authorized by Civil Aeronautical General Direction (DGAC), by Directorial Resolution N° 011-2013-NTC in accordance with Civil Aeronautical Management of Peru, this one includes to develop investigation projects associated to technical-function field and to aid of socio-economic development of the country.

SEMAN at present develops aircrafts maintenance works to Boeing 767-200/300/, B-737-200/300/400/500, B727, DC-10, L-382, R172H/172G and PA-34-200T from different national and foreign companies count on with authorizations given by the Civil Aviation General Management (Direccion General de Aviacion Civil and FAA respectively.